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Microsoft Money is personal and small business financial software for Windows OS. Microsoft Money latest version, called Microsoft Money 2007 has four editions: Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe, Microsoft Money Premium and Microsoft Money Home & Business.

Microsoft Money Essentials allows you to see a snapshot of all your online banking accounts and generate various financial reports.

Microsoft Money Deluxe edition is the perfect tool for creating spending and savings budgets, forecasting your cash flow, and consolidating all your online banking accounts.

Microsoft Money Premium edition helps you plan and achieve long-term financial goals, and optimize investments, while managing your daily finances. You can plan your long term financial goals, like buying real estate and retirement with this edition of Microsoft Money.

Microsoft Money Home & Business edition is a great choice for home based businesses or for small businesses with less than employees. Microsoft Money is the perfect software for your personal and small business finances.

Microsoft Money has different versions for the U.S., UK, Japan, and Canada.

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